Thank You for Singing Along album cover

Thank You for Singing Along

Smilin' Rylan

November 2017

Smilin’ Rylan writes and performs catchy, fun and honest children’s music in every style imaginable – loved by kids, supported by teachers and approved by parents. With a background in education, Rylan brings together universal themes, important lessons and great music in a winning formula. With tracks such as ‘Fruit Party’, ‘Wiggly Tooth’, and ‘The Pee Pee Dance,’ Rylan believes that quality children’s music actively engages kids, even from the first listen. Whether by singing along, learning dances, or doing fun movements, kids should be able to participate right away. Moms and Dads should be able to enjoy the songs too! Recorded at: Audio Art, Saskatoon. Produced by: Sheldon Corbett, Glenn Ens & Smillin’ Rylan. Released: 

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