Lay Waste To Past Erections album cover

Lay Waste To Past Erections

Arson Cult

October 2018

The Saskatoon trio “raises ire and eyebrows” with their punk politicking and angular brand of post-hardcore in this debut release. The band features the controlled chaos and unique sounds of rhythm section and guitarist Matt Gravlin, the heavy and frantic percussion of Aaron Scholz, and the low grunty vocals of bassist Jason MacKinnon. Influenced by punk icons of the ‘90s such as Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu, the band seeks to bring that edgy, experimental punk sound back into modern hardcore. The album pushes the pace with each song and packs a lot of energy and aggression into a six-track offering. Recorded at: Sweat Shoppe Studios, Saskatoon. Produced by: Mike Lefebvre. 

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