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Brian Baggett - Chapman Stick soloist

October 2018

A soloist on the unique 10-string instrument the Chapman Stick, Baggett presents his third full-length album. It contains his reinterpretations of various jazz, rock, and pop standards, like Coltrane’s “Naima”, Metheny’s “Bright Size Life”, The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”, and Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas,” along with three original compositions. It’s a dramatic departure from Baggett’s previous recordings - journeys through complex, original compositions. Bookmarks is lighter fare, yet still roots itself in the arena of exploratory music. Recorded in a raw style, gently nodding towards ‘30s-50’s jazz records, Bookmarks is subtly edgy and purposely unpolished. Recorded at: SoulSound, Regina. Produced by: Brain Baggett. Released: 

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