Once Upon the West album cover

Once Upon the West

Eli Barsi & Doris Daley

January 2018

A collaboration between celebrated western humourist and poet Daley and award-winning recording artist Barsi. Daley’s authentic, sparkling poetry has taken her from campfires to concert appearances including the Reno Philharmonic, Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Sask. Opera Co; Barsi has int’l success with European tours, 16 album releases, and numerous awards. The album pays homage to Canada’s western heritage, with 21 original songs about the open range, cowboy lifestyle, and prairie living under the western sky. A clever mix of poignant poetry, vivid storytelling, well crafted songs and superb musicianship.

Recorded at: Rockin’ Bar C Studio, Moosomin. Produced by: Eli Barsi. 

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