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The Faps

April 2018

Ten tours and four releases in, The Faps have captured their chaotic, dirty, engaging live show and bizarre, heavy “anti-rock” music in their first full-length. It maintains an abrasive post-punk backbone while experimenting with style and structure, utilizing elements of pop, math-rock, folk, and jazz. Megan Nash lends her voice as does Laura Beach (Twin Voices), also on violin. Erik Hepp (Swayze, A Ghost in Drag) provides a blazing guitar solo in contrast to brass, banjo, and mandolin courtesy of Jeffrey Popiel (Minor Matter, Juniperus). All of this woven through the strange, gritty guitar-and-drum vessel.

Produced by: Mike Lefebvre & The Faps. Recorded at: The Sweat Shoppe, Saskatoon. 

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