Heidi Munro & The Real Groovy Band album cover

Heidi Munro & The Real Groovy Band

Heidi Munro & The Real Groovy Band

December 2017

Heidi Munro, with Rich McFarlane, Kim Salkeld, Glenn Ens, Sheldon Corbett, Dave Anderson, Barrie Redford, and guest Don Griffith, are seasoned, confident professionals with an on-stage chemistry well defined. Their debut is an adult contemporary album with dynamic musical craftsmanship and production, and vocals oozing in the confidence, emotion and power that come with decades of performing and living the songs. It fills a space heavy in blues and jazz roots, but with a definite country influence. A feel-good, well-written, well-played, honest album.

Recorded at: Audio Art Recording Studio, Saskatoon. Produced by: Sheldon Corbett, Glenn Ens, and Heidi Munro. Released: December 12, 2017

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