Smoke Stack EP album cover

Smoke Stack EP

Aryn El Hefe

April 2016

Aryn took his time with his debut EP, and it’s apparent in the wisdom of the lyrics and the pace of his songs. The five-song release was recorded all acoustically, with elements of bluegrass and gypsy jazz in the guitar licks and the folk croon of a lifelong storyteller. The songs, in their stripped-down and genuine glory, have an honest immediacy as if you were sitting side-by-side on a sun-drenched porch as he tells tales of people he’s met and places he’s been. This exquisite guitar-driven folk holds a “tiny splash of lovelorn feels, as evidenced on the achy-swing of ‘Back Porch,’ which sees El Hefe poking at the scab of a curiously still-beating-yet-bruised heart” (Ominocity, 2016). Recorded at: home studio, Saskatoon. Produced by: Jordan McPherson.

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