Crooked Bangs EP  album cover

Crooked Bangs EP

The Low Joy Ceiling

April 2017

With members drawn from Karpinka Brothers, Rah Rah, and Library Voices, LJC release their debut EP. The sound draws influence from college rock, power pop, the paisley underground, and ‘a number of other interchangeable sub-genres that have fallen out of fashion.’ Inspired by the likes of Guided By Voices and The Replacements, and utterly appalled by Foo Fighters, the band crafts economical and thoughtful rock songs. Backdropped against wiry leads, the EP presents sardonic and reflective lyrics that are reluctant to take themselves seriously. LJC aren’t trying to reinvent rock n’ roll, they’re just celebrating the medium. Recorded at: RMS Labs, Regina. Produced by: The Low Joy Ceiling and Rob Morrison

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