Lords Kitchner

Lords Kitchner

Moose Jaw, SK

by Steve Reed

July 19, 2013 in Artist Profile

Moose Jaw’s indie-prog band Lords Kitchner are committed to pushing themselves toward challenging and varied material. To that end they intend to employ both minimal and elaborate approaches to writing future material. They are also adding another guitar player to their roster. As a four-piece, their songs are mountains of intense prog riffs and precise transitions; as a five-piece, the band’s next phase will feature groove-orientated songs with more shredding and nuanced dynamics.

Progressive rockers are unafraid to explore outsider territory in relation to popular currents in music. If Lords Kitchner could time travel, they’d love to go back to April 6th, 1974 in Ontario, California: “Seeing a moustache-less Tony Iommi shred some wizard licks, The Eagles, a freaked out Deep Purple Mk. 3 set, and ELP close the night would all be a real treat for us,” says bassist Andrew Fyvie.

In our sad timeline of zero time machines (thus far), Lords Kitchner would love to steadily work towards a future of some day signing to a label like Sargent House or Atlantic. In 2013, prog connects with a niche audience, but Lords Kitchner are steadily “finding their people.” Fyvie says Moose Jaw’s live music scene has started to pick up recently, recovering from a dearth of willing venues in the wake of fallout from a few hardcore shows that got out of hand in years past. Fyvie credits this recovery to “a diversity in sound from band to band. . . It is easy to fill a bill with local talent [such as their friends Tangean Wall], as there truly is an abundance of it.”

The band considers Regina to be “a tough city to crack,” but they’ve enjoyed bringing unfamiliar sounds to the stage, especially at O’Hanlons and Toboggan Island. The crowd response has been positive and they have “met a lot of cool people and bands in Regina, including our thrashtastic buds in Black Thunder,” says Fyvie.

The band’s debut self-titled album is available at http://lordskitchner.bandcamp.com/; visit them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LordsKitchner.