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by Steve Reed for SaskMusic

April 12, 2013 in Artist Profile

Arson and Larceny: Chronobot’s Rough Welcome

On a surface level, the dynamic arc of stoner/space/doom metal songs tend toward stubborn ascent toward the limits of sonic space, but it’s not about just piling up fuzzed-out guitars and psychedelic effects for their own sake. The mountaintops serve the depth of the valleys. Catharsis is found not only in the violent clashes of a song’s climax, but also in the surrender to gravity, the plummet down to the gloomiest energy levels. The psychic lows are fertile ground for this music, which is welcome consolation for Chronobot, whose luck has taken a few hard turns in recent months.

First their van was broken into, and all of their gear stolen, in Saskatoon. They were devastated but comforted by the generosity and empathy of their fellow musicians. The call for help tracking down the gear spread quickly far and wide; several weeks later the thief was identified and reported by a helpful anonymous hero.

Things were looking up, but then – also in Saskatoon - somebody torched the van. Low times again. Even if a happy ending to the case of the arson is unlikely, one outcome is assured: this setback will fuel their music and harden their resolve to transcend this material loss, too.

Chronobot can adapt to significant obstacles. The band’s members are spread across the province. They practice in Saskatoon, but the majority of band members - some originally from Winnipeg and Regina - currently live in Prince Albert these days. It’s not easy, but the commute to practice on weekends is fully worth it, according to bass player Dan Trupp.

Their self-titled album, recorded at Toneshift Audio by Chris Douglas, will be released in LP and CD formats in June of 2013. Shortly thereafter the band will be touring to Vancouver and back. As for the near future, Chronobot is thrilled to announce that they will be playing with Bison BC at The Exchange in Regina on April 18.

Chronobot is grateful for recent press coverage that has come from their hard luck, but they are eager to put the past behind them to focus on their future ambitions. Their plans are set to turn the spring and summer of 2013 into a steady build toward better times. Let’s hope Saskatoon’s criminals give these hardworking guys a break.

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