All Mighty Voice

All Mighty Voice

by Lisa Lanigan

January 24, 2013 in Artist Profile

All Mighty Voice is a five-piece roots-alternative band that blends Northern roots, folk and soul with elegance, grit and simplicity. Backed by a wall of sound built with harmonizing vocals, upright bass, piano/organ, electric/acoustic guitars, harmonica and percussion, AMV unites the five songwriters beautifully both on and off stage.

All Mighty VoiceFormed in the fall of 2011, AMV has quickly become a rising band in Saskatchewan with the release of their debut self-titled EP recorded at Mosaic Music and the Ness Creek Music Festival. It began when Shayne Lazarowich (vocalist, guitarist and harmonica player) became fed up with the bar scene and “trying to impress people with someone else’s music.” Over the years, he had become friends with Abraham Lancaster (upright bass and vocals), Lucy James (vocals and piano) and Jordy Balicki (vocals and electric guitar). They knew they had enough within themselves and each other to do their own stuff and after sitting down together one day, decided to form a band.

They immediately set out to compose and perform original songs that genuinely came from their hearts. One day, Shayne visited the Almighty Voice memorial at Duck Lake and was quite moved by it. Almighty Voice was a Cree Indian arrested for slaughtering a cow without a license in 1895, which unexpectedly led to a prison break, a long chase and a deadly, fiery shootout. Although it’s still debated if Almighty Voice was a hero or an outlaw, Shayne’s bandmates also felt the story was metaphorical and reflective. The name made the local connection, illustrates the harmonies that epitomize their sound, and allows them to pay homage to the people from the area.

Ian Dickson - All Mighty VoiceThe band had admired the talents of Ian Dickson (percussion and vocals), who at the time was playing with another band. Once he became available, they invited him to join. “If I had to describe the perfect percussionist,” says Abraham, “It would be Ian”. Ian shared the group’s vision and passion for creating beautiful songs of social justice and compassion. The group is now looking forward to their full-length album, which will be coming out in 2013. Says Shayne, “It’s comparable to the EP, in that it has the same style - just more upbeat and with percussion.”For more on the group, visit Mighty Voice

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Ian Dickson All Mighty Voice Ian Dickson All Mighty Voice