Fly Points

Fly Points

by Brandy Exner

October 17, 2012 in Artist Profile

Fly Points is a five-piece, pop-alternative band that combines the singer/songwriting abilities of lifelong friends. Comprised of Danny Goertz, Billy Vancise, Juilen Johnson, Graeme Watson and Robby Vancise, Fly Points brings together many different talents and unique personalities.

Although they've been a group for a relatively short time, they are already making an impact on Regina's music scene. The band has played for several sold-out crowds, and continues to earn accolades from the vast types of audiences that create our local music scene. The boys are "in this to have fun and delay adult reality from settling in," and they hope their audience will love it and have fun too.

The boys finished their University degrees this year; three of which are completing engineering. Taking the first step out of school can be a difficult process for most, but Fly Points are more than ready to test the boundaries of their talents.

Currently Fly Points has been in the studio with Regina producer/singer/songwriter Jason Plumb. With the added talents of fellow musician Mike Thompson, Plumb has been working hard with the boys to help them get through their first recording sessions and create an amazing album that they are really looking forward to sharing with everyone.

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