Sawchyn Guitars

Sawchyn Guitars

by Brandy Exner

October 17, 2012 in Industry Profile

Peter Sawchyn has been building instruments since he was 17 years old, starting with smaller instruments and gradually moving up. At this young age, Sawchyn was fascinated with instruments and their construction, so he began to teach himself the skills he needed (as there was no schools or courses available at that time) and slowly, through a process of trial and error he began to master the craft. He realized then, that this created a possibility for a very enjoyable career.

In 1972, Peter Sawchyn started Sawchyn Guitars and began to live his dream. Over the years he has built the business by continuing to create a great product and keep his customers pleased. He has endeavoured to build the beauty and simplicity of craftsmanship into all his instruments, concentrating on the interior construction and refining his guitar bracing to emulate the great pre-war guitars. The mandolins he has created even have the exacting and careful graduations in the carved top and back that the famous mandolins of the 1920s have.

"In repeating what great vintage instruments have in their favour. I am not attempting to duplicate them, but take the superb qualities that exist in them and build these qualities into a modern instrument for the future."

Sawchyn has been involved in music his whole life, helping running both the Folk Guild and the early folk festivals in Regina. He has also played in bands with local artists Bob Evans and Roberta Nicol.

Sawchyn Guitars recently opened a new location on Dewdney Avenue. They hope to bring through new traffic, as well as start up a small intimate house concert experience. They have already started booking a few shows that will be announced at a later date.

"This may be a 'golden age' of instrument making , I hope my work is helping to make it so."

To reach Sawchyn Guitars LTD, visit their website at Located at 2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, phone 306-522-6348;

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Sawchyn Guitars Sawchyn Guitars Sawchyn Guitars Sawchyn Guitars