Articulate Ink

Articulate Ink

by By Brandy Exner

March 14, 2012 in Industry Profile

Articulate Ink is an artist-run printmaking studio, composed of Amber Dalton, Michelle Brownridge, Caitlin Mullan and Karli Jessup. The idea of the studio formed in the winter of 2010 and became a reality shortly after. The goal of Articulate Ink is to fund an environmentally conscious print studio for local artists, recent graduates, and the general public, while fostering a contemporary, active print culture in Regina. The company formed when Amber, Michelle and Caitlin enrolled in a course at the University of Regina that explored the intersection of arts and business. As a final project for the class, they pursued the topic of an artist-run printmaking studio. This interested them so much that they caught of the attention of their instructor, Marian Donnelly, who offered them a space at the Creative City Centre downtown.

The company puts in different efforts with each client, allowing the clients to have anywhere from complete control over the design, to letting Articulate Ink do whatever they think would work best.

“Collaborating with a client to compose imagery for a t-shirt or poster is equally rewarding and challenging. Working with another creative mind to refine their ideas and translate them into ink can be really exciting, but it takes a patient mind to remember to pull back on your own artistic sensibilities while ensuring that the imagery works specifically for the client’s purpose. In some cases, we are given complete artistic control – each situation offers its own positives and negatives.”

Articulate Ink has worked with several local musicians including The Bystanders, Library Voices, Fur Eel, Jeans Boots, Ink Road, and The Jump Off. Currently they are collaborating with Belle Plaine on t-shirts.Their services include DVD/CD covers, wedding stationery, one-of-a-kind auction items, festival posters, and fundraising projects, as well as t-shirts. They also host workshops for all ages audiences and hope to expand with more in-depth workshops this spring and fall.

For more information visit,; they’re located at 1843 Hamilton Street in Regina, 306-550-3463 and

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Articulate Ink Articulate Ink