Fur Eel

Fur Eel

by Brandy Exner

March 14, 2012 in Artist Profile

Fur Eel has been around only two short years, and already is taking Canada by storm. Comprised of Justin Sheppard, Thomas St. Onge, Travis Reshaur and James Belle, Fur Eel certainly does not come up short when it comes to energy and talent. The band describes their performances as “a passionate, high energy SHOW.” Audiences can expect something different every time. “Our goal is to have a good time when we are on stage, and we hope that our happiness is contagious so the audience can join in on the fun.”

The band recently concluded a two-part tour, rocking Western Canada. Shortly after their return, they will be heading to Toronto to showcase at Canadian Music Week. (Catch them at The Painted Lady on March 22, 9pm.) They plan to head out on a huge cross-Canada tour this spring in support of a new album, during which they hope to make new friends and bring in a whole new audience.

The band is taking well to touring, only running into minor problems so far; the most difficult thing they’ve had to encounter being Travis’ ongoing battle with an addiction to chicken fingers. They had to be sure to find a good chicken joint everywhere along the road in order to keep him from quitting and heading back home to Regina. (They believe the saddest day of tour is the day you have to drive back home.)

Amidst all the touring and the showcase, Fur Eel has been recording new album “Perhaps Another Time,” expected out at the end of April. It features collaborations with The Pile of Bones Brass Band and Damien Walsh of Vancouver’s Five Alarm Funk. Listeners can expect everything from funky guitars to subliminal messages, bongos, electronic drums, horns, and of course, the classic Fur Eel sound.

For more information on Fur Eel, and to hear their discography, visit https://soundcloud.com/fureel

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Fur Eel Fur Eel