Rebecca Lascue

Rebecca Lascue

by Brandy Exner

January 5, 2012 in Artist Profile

Rebecca Lascue has been playing music from as far back as she can remember. Her mother started teaching her siblings and herself how to sing and play instruments when they could barely speak. Her grandmother performed many times in Western Canada and the United States with an unbelievable stage presence and strong charisma. All this led her to her passion for music today.

Rebecca recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours majoring in Psychology. She believes her educational background has influenced her music greatly. She has learned to appreciate her creativity in a different way. “It’s almost like the more I was expected to conform to a very academic way of seeing the world, the more I felt the need to defend and explore a more creative and whimsical approach to life,” says Rebecca. She has studied interpersonal relationships a lot, focusing on the romantics. Many of her songs are centred on that theme, so she feels it has been interesting merging personal experiences and academic knowledge together in order to create music.

Rebecca Lascue is quite the traveller and she believes her travels have had quite the effect on her music, both directly and indirectly. She has built up a large stock of creative images, experiences and stories to draw inspirations from over the years.

For the past two years, Rebecca has been playing in an acoustic duo with Michael Paul. They have been apart of several shows all over Saskatchewan. They hope to record their first six-song EP with Orion Paradis within the year.

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Rebecca Lascue Rebecca Lascue Rebecca Lascue Rebecca Lascue