Nebulus Entertainment

Nebulus Entertainment

by Brandy Exner

December 12, 2011 in Industry Profile

Jared Robinson started his career as a musician, learning what works and what doesn’t in other studios. After a while he began to figure out what worked best for him and went with it. Taking this knowledge to heart, he decided to share his understanding with others by opening Nebulus Entertainment.

The company works with artists on audio production, photography, graphic design, digital distribution, scoring for film and events, and much more. “We believe that dreams must be backed up by determination, hard work and, more often than not, a little help,” says Jared.

Nebulus has just finished working on projects with Josh Carley, The Scott Benson Band, and UrsaMaja. Currently, Nebulus has teamed up with Golden West Radio to create a Christmas EP, with eighteen artists collaborating on eight songs for the season.

Jared is quite a busy man, having been involved with a number of bands, some of which have won prestigious awards. Currently, he is focusing on his pet project, LunarTheory, which recently received a 10K20 Rawlco Radio grant. Jared served on the board of the Western Canadian Music Awards for two years, has participated as a judge for the JUNO Awards, participated on the Saskatchewan Arts Board jury and has also sat on FACTOR juries. Jared anticipates the difficulty in finding a balance between working on his personal projects, and working with bands in his studio. Despite his busy schedule, it has been a great year and he wouldn’t change a thing.

“Producing music is like doing anything – the way you shape music can change, but the ultimate goal is still the same: a well-crafted recording,” says Jared.

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Phone: 306-694-1703

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