Making Art in Saskatchewan: Cyprian Henry

Making Art in Saskatchewan: Cyprian Henry

by Casey Ling

February 4, 2022 in Artist Profile

Cyprian Henry is a percussionist based out of Regina, SK, Canada. He started playing professionally at the age of eighteen in 2007 and has been for over a decade. In addition to live performance, Cyprian received a Bachelor of Music Performance in 2012 from The University of Regina. Some of the acts Cyprian has played with are Ink Road, Buffalo Narrows, The Dustin Ritter Band, Josh Gonzales, and many more. Currently he is playing with The People of the Sun under the label Sharp 5 Records.

Professional drummer of fifteen years, Cyprian Henry currently acts as the drummer for the eight piece band People of the Sun. The goal Cyprian and his band aims for is to be authentic and to spread a message of equality. And with such a diverse band, there is a lot to share. 

Working with such a large band can be daunting to some, but not for People of the Sun. Cyprian notes how the band's dynamics meshes together to create something so easily.

"All together, it's very simple, it's a lot simpler than you expect. There's a lot of things going on but everybody is so good at it that it all sort of comes together."

One way Cyprian mentions to support artists is to explore new artists and to not be afraid of listening to new music, especially in the community. So often do people corner themselves into a certain artist or a certain genre that they miss out on new and emerging artists the province of Saskatchewan has to offer.

"I feel like nowadays there's a shift from trying to put on a show and be cool versus actually having something to say. I feel like there are a lot more of these artists, especially locally and with everything going on politically and otherwise, there are a lot more artists that are out there, so dig a little deeper and find some things you may not have gone after otherwise."

After talking to Cyprian, it is clear that the music he makes is from a place of authenticity and mutual respect for his bandmates and listeners.

"Take a look, if you like us, great. If you don't, that's fine too. We're just trying to have some fun and to do something interesting."

People of the Sun's next show will be on March 30, 2022 at The Artesian for Regina Folk Festival's Winterruption.

You can also find Cyprian's band People of the Sun on the socials linked below.