Behind the Board: Kevin Niessen

Behind the Board: Kevin Niessen

by SaskMusic

May 24, 2021 in Industry Profile

About me: The Sask music scene has given me the ability to support myself since 1998. From the first year still to this day, people I meet at shows tell me how cool my job is which reminds me to be thankful! Many techs from SK have gone on to work with huge international artists and rightfully so as they have an elite skillset. My personal path had me stay in SK and start PR Productions in 2009 with Barrett Ross.

Favourite piece of gear: My favourite equipment to use has to be our d&b speakers. Mixing on these speakers is like hitting a home run every time at bat! Exactly what the source/band is sending to you gets articulated through this system. It actually makes me smile and I ask myself how we went from owning 4 powered speakers and a few mics to using the best speakers in the world at great gigs. The answer is amazing clients, the best staff and local industry help! I am very thankful to be where we are and I'm hopeful for the future.

Favourite show you’ve ever mixed: Thinking back on gigs I've mixed and worked at from small clubs to arenas, a few stand out for sure. From crazy artists to elite pros, from backstage fights to marriage proposals, from equipment failure to that perfect mix, from bus parties to car tours, one of my favourite to mix was Lisa Fischer at the Broadway Theatre for the Jazzfest. She is a world class vocalist and amazing story teller. She was a treat to mix and it was very hard for me not to lose focus and get enthralled by her performance. A true pleasure on stage and off.

Advice: I've heard so many touring horror stories of bad tech experiences as well as success stories. My advice for bands is to find a skilled, competent tech that supports and complements their artistic vision. My advice for new techs is to be supportive and ask questions from others in your industry. Grow your skillset. Don't be a S$*t and check your ego early on. Oh, and if you make it to a tour bus........ don't poop in it.