Behind the Board: Christian Douglas

Behind the Board: Christian Douglas

by SaskMusic

May 19, 2021 in Industry Profile

About me: I've been doing sound for almost 20 years - from indie outdoor music festivals, to almost every hall, theatre or bar in Saskatchewan. These days I'm mostly behind the desk at my recording studio The Sound Castle, where I strive to create great music and facilitate growth in artists.

Favourite show you’ve ever mixed: What comes to mind is the first time I saw Black Mastiff around 2010. It was at Amigo's Cantina and I had the pleasure of mixing them that night. I was instantly captivated by their groove and knew exactly what to do to complement their singer Bobby's voice effects-wise.

Advice for new or emerging artists: Speak up and don't be afraid to ask for what you need! It's your sound tech's job to dial in a monitor mix that you are comfortable with so you can perform confidently without thinking about it.

Advice for established and/or touring artists: Clear communication in advance goes such a long way! A brief email with an input list, a stage plot, and a timeline ahead of the show allows a tech to do their job and prepare while the band is still waiting in line at Subway.

Favourite piece of gear: I'll go with my pair of vintage DBX160x compressors. They have many uses, but are almost always on my kick and snare.

Dream gig: I would love to mix for a Run The Jewels tour.