Behind the Board: Andyy Coulic

Behind the Board: Andyy Coulic

by SaskMusic

May 17, 2021 in Industry Profile

About me: Andyy has been in the music industry for over a decade now. If you've been to a show at Lydia's Pub, The Fez, Amigos Cantina or Coors Event Centre in the past 12 years, you've most likely heard their work. In recent years, they have focused more in the realm of a system tech and working larger productions with Briere Production Group, along side Saskatoon's own Darcy Beck, where they focus more on festivals, tours and arena shows.

Favourite show you’ve ever mixed: The one show that sticks out for me more than any else, is Cannafest 2018. I mixed one of the opening acts for Whitesnake. Whitesnake's FOH sound tech approached me after the show to tell me that I did a killer job and was impressed with my work. It was definitely the highlight to my summer!

Advice for new or emerging artists: My advice is to not let other members of the music industry push you around and don't let other people's opinions of you, be it positive or negative, affect your goals or ambition. Always strive to better yourself and others around you. This industry is pretty cut throat and a lot of people don't like seeing others succeed and it can be extremely discouraging.

Favourite piece of gear: I have these no name condenser mics from ebay that I bought when I was 18 years old for $30. I use them religiously almost every single show that I mix.

Dream gig: Right now I think my dream gig would be to work along side my friend Clint Boire (also originally from Saskatoon) who works with Brian Wilson. Working with Clint, as well as some legends, would be something to work towards in the coming years.