Behind the Board: Barrett Ross

Behind the Board: Barrett Ross

by SaskMusic

May 12, 2021 in Industry Profile

About me: I've been doing live sound professionally since I was about 20. I've worked in nearly every venue in Saskatchewan, and currently my production company, PR Productions, provides production services for Louis' and The Broadway Theatre year round. We also contribute sound equipment, technical staff, and backline for festivals like SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival, and Winterruption as well as annual events such as Remai Modern's Lugo, and University of Saskatchewan's convocation ceremony. I am also co-owner of RecHall Studios.

Favourite show you’ve ever mixed: Favourite show that I got to mix was The Garrys Haxan at Roxy Theatre, Deep Dark Woods at Amigos, Marshall Burns release party at Artesian, Rah Rah in Tokyo, Kacy and Clayton at Wood Mountain Rodeo Museum, every Radiation Flowers show... Sasky bands rule!

Advice for new or emerging artists: When showing up to perform, try to keep your set-up as simple as you can. Trouble shooting is part of the gig, but if your whole soundcheck is spent getting your stuff to work, confidence in the show will be shaken in both you and the technician.

Advice for established and/or touring artists: If you are very particular about your sound, or are anything beyond a "typical" band or solo artist, consider bringing a technician on the road with you. Find someone that you trust and can get along with. Ability, flexibility, and patience varies from technician to technician, city to city.

Favourite piece of gear: Gear is really a right tool for the job scenario, however a nice PA system properly processed makes the job a lot easier. Also, anything built by Eventide.

Dream gig: To be able to move from live sound to studio when I want, or to go on tour if it's interesting (outside of Covid). I'm living it.