CW Stringworks

CW Stringworks

Moose Jaw, SK

by Carly Gowan

July 19, 2011 in Industry Profile

Chris Weber has been building mandolins for over eighteen years. He was motivated to build his first mandolin after he accidently smashed up his only guitar and needed another instrument to play. He already had the woodworking skills and tools, so he decided to give it a try. In 2004, he became the owner of CW Stringworks in Moose Jaw and thus began his career as a professional luthier.

Chris has since expanded from mandolins to just about any string instrument (expect pianos - they are too big for the shop!). He also started building a few novelty guitars. “Electric guitars can be made to look like just about anything. You are only limited by your imagination, as the instrument’s requirements are few. Acoustic instruments are more demanding, but I have been having fun building acoustic guitars from cookie tins,” explains Chris.

Chis is also a musician in his own right, playing a lot of finger-picking guitar, folk, blues, jazz, and ragtime-influenced music. Chris’ passion for music has allowed him to meet the needs of each instrument and its musician alike. With a builder’s eye, Chris can quickly analyze any problem an instrument might have and as a player, he is not satisfied until the instrument is playing at its best.

“Now, who I am and what I do are one and the same. I miss the paycheck and the health plan. That’s all. I am passionate about this work and I don’t give up until I am satisfied I have done my absolute best at whatever project finds its way to my bench,” says Chris.

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