Studio Spotlight

Studio Spotlight

Glennross Studios Inc.

by Carly Gowan for The Session

February 22, 2011 in Industry Profile

Glenn Ens, Owner/Engineer/Producer/Musician
Ross Nykiforuk, Owner/Composer/Producer/Engineer

Glenn Ens started in the music business as a drummer and as time went on, he grew more intrigued with the art of sound recording. In 1984, he co-founded Audio Art Recording Studio and as the studio expanded so did his talents as a producer and engineer. Being mainly self-taught, Glenn developed his skills through long hours, hard work and his dedication to achieving quality.  Audio Art Recording Studio has recorded some of Saskatchewan’s biggest artists ranging from The Northern Pikes, Jordan Cook, Josh Palmer, and Teresa Sokyrka. Glenn also continues to play with many local musicians and performs annually in the Telemiracle House Band.

Ross Nykiforuk began his studio career as musician as well. In 1990, he hooked up with “The Northern Pikes” and toured across Canada and the United States.  Recording in facilities like A&M Studios and The Metalworks whetted Ross’s appetite for living the studio life.  In 1993, Ross completed his music degree at the U of S and at this time began composing for film and     television.  As a composer, producer and engineer, Ross is known for ingenuity in orchestration, precision in mixing, and an uncompromising approach to detail. With the increasing demand for his talents, he opened Cosmic Pad Studios in 2000. There he produced many Saskatchewan artists including The Sheepdogs, Mark Ceaser and The Deep Dark Woods.

In February 2010, Glenn and Ross decided to join forces and purchased an empty building in an industrial area of Saskatoon. In March 2010, they began renovating the studio space. Having had the knowledge of owning and operating many studios in the past, they were able to design the space themselves.  A spacious 3800 square foot facility, Glennross Studios features a 750 square foot recording room with 20 foot ceilings; a 420 square foot control room; a 600 square foot mixing theatre; a foley stage; iso booths; and a comfortable lounge.  Both control rooms are equipped with Protools HD systems and set up for 5.1 mixing.  A great selection of Preamps and microphones combined with the space of the recording room allows for the characteristics of warmth and space to be captured on Glennross recordings. 

“Our talents really compliment each other and so it was the logical choice to collaborate and open this first class facility,” explains Ross.

“The new space will be an asset to the Saskatchewan music and film industries,” comments Glenn.  “A larger facility will keep more work in the province and also attract out of province work.  We want to accommodate our clients and make the Glennross Studio experience comfortable and enjoyable.”

Currently working on Wapos Bay The Movie, Glennross Studios has worked on many other film, television and corporate projects.  Offering full audio service to these clients was a goal that Glennross Studios has fulfilled.

Some current and past album productions include: Mykal Gambull, Jay Semko, Mark Ceaser, Yvonne St. Germaine, Veronique Poulin, BC Read, Jim Felix, Sean Jobin, Angie Tysseland and Lori Erhardt.

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Photos Courtesy: Glennross Studio Inc. Photos Courtesy: Glennross Studio Inc. Photos Courtesy: Glennross Studio Inc. Photos Courtesy: Glennross Studio Inc.