Self Care in Surreal Times


  • December 2, 2020

Led by: Amanda Scandrett

In workshop #4 in our 4-part series on pandemic wellness, we will focus on Self Care in Surreal Times. The holiday season is often reason enough for self care, so as we move through these unprecedented conditions into the upcoming holiday season we all might need a bit of additional grounding and centering. 

Our workshop will focus on features such as:

  • What is self care, actually? (We'll go beyond chocolate and bubble baths - you might be surprised!)
  • Self care & the pandemic: What even "works" anymore?
  • Tips and resources for creating your own self care plan as you move through the holidays and into 2021

Whether you identify as a musician, industry creative, administrator, music lover, somewhere in between those roles or someone else, this workshop is created for you. It is natural to be noticing that self care-wise, what once worked (or what we really want to work) doesn't currently feel right. This workshop aims to offer a variety of experiences to tap into your inner wisdom in order to identify self care strategies that will really work for you. 

This workshop is part education, part meditation, and part creation. The intention is that you will leave feeling a little bit lighter and a lot more inspired by your own inner potential.


Amanda Scadrett

  • Masters Educational Psychology- Counselling
  • Bachelor of Arts Education
  • Reiki Master
  • Somatic Healing Practitioner
  • Creative Therapies Practitioner
  • Artist

​"Throughout my education and professional career I have been passionate about the healing journey of both myself and others.  It was early in my university education that I became deeply interested in holistic healing of the physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, and spiritual aspects within each one of us. I have followed my passion by weaving together various trainings and modalities in traditional counselling and holistic/spiritual worlds to deepen my understanding of these four aspects to inform my work in both academic and community contexts.

​I see myself as a helper along your path.  The guiding principle behind my work is that we all have within us the power to heal ourselves.  Over time, through various events and some painful experiences we may have disconnected from that healing aspect--the aspect in ourselves that supports us to lead rich, connected, and divinely guided lives.  As a helper I will use the tools and education I have experienced in my learning  to help you build the capacity to align with your innate healing."