Winterruption -- Joe & The Shitboys w/ Sgt. Papers and Off The Top Rope

Joe & The Shitboys 

Joe & The Shitboys are bisexual vegan shitpunk band from the Faroe Islands. They formed with the intention of calling out shitty behaviour in their conservative home country, where the rock scene is filled with boneless homophobes and meat-eating misogynists - and continue to take their aim at general vibe killers everywhere.

The live shows are full of energy, with a barrage of songs often under a minute long, like "Life Is Great You Suck", “Manspredator” and “If You Believe in Eating Meat Start With Your Dog”, being broken up by the flamboyant frontman roasting the audience relentlessly. 

Sgt. Papers

Sgt. Papers is a duo formed in 2017 by Ivan and Felipe García, two brothers from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. That year they put out their first record-making noise in the Mexican rock scene and USA, starting to play festivals in those two countries.  The duo has gotten reviews for their energetic and fast live show, with mosh pits, sweat and loud music as their signature.

Off The Top Rope

Off The Top Tope - punk rock that most of us would equate with beer guzzlin', fake sick days from work and running in circles on a sticky, sticky floor. Shouty vocals that harken back to the interview subjects corralled by "Mean Gene" Okerlund, this sharpshooting trio possesses and unabashed love of bashy pop-punk playfulness that's only eclipsed by their threatening, snot-addled clench-core.

**Satellite Event

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