CVAF - Bears In Hazenmore With Sunset Embassy And The Lambta Da's


Bears in Hazemore
Sunset Embassy
The Lambta Da's


  • May 28, 2022

You don't want to miss Bears in Hazenmore, Sunset Embassy, and the Lambta Da's.
Bears in Hazenmore:
Bears in Hazenmore are an indie rock band with pop sensibilities. "We all played in our high school jazz band instead of going to parties," they write, "And it shows."
Sunset Embassy:
Sunset Embassy is a five-piece rock band that formed during the first GRRown-Up Camp in 2019 where they wrote their first song "Holy Disaster". Their creative process is highly collaborative, and the diversity of the five members produces a richness that is evident in their songs.
the Lambta Da's:
A grey speckled thinning haired man still sitting on the edge of a bed writing, humming out, and recoding indie-pop tunes. 31st album is gonna be streets ahead.
This show will offer a mix of seating and standing room.
Show @ 9:00pm
This is a FREE show as part of the CVAF 2022

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