Call Me Mildy


Call Me Mildy


  • January 31, 2020

Regina Canada's Call Me Mildy (pronounced mill-dee) pumps out melodic blues rock with a dash of reggae. Releasing its second album in early 2019, the band's founder and songwriter Greg Mildenberger's songs span an eclectic bridge of modern blues and rock, not conforming to what traditionalists might consider their daddy's version of blues. Drawing on a wide array of musical influences, you can hear the variety of vibes come across in the new album 'take a bite of this.' Aptly named, the album features a cross-section of cool blues, jumpin' harmonica, dirty dark rock, and some of the prettiest songs Mildy has written.

Not convinced? Check out Perfect Day and his ballad Haven't I Told You, first performed at Casino Regina in 2018 at the Mid-Winter Blues Festival finale. Smooth guitar wracking blues of All I Need is Your Love, led by Lead Guitarist Dale Thomas, will settle in the hardest core blues fan, while Runnin' and Why satisfy the penchant for jump blues. And one of Mildy's most popular songs is in the mix, his slide guitar rocking My Woman Left Me.

Keep Love Movin' reminds the listener of southern rock at its best, lyrically comforting and dynamic guitar soloing. Some silliness abounds in Sweet As, featuring not one but two bass solos from Phil Nordin.

And the song that opened the door for Mildy's first movie/synch publishing agreement, the gritty and dark Where You Goin' features some of Mildy's dirtiest harp playing and lyrics that take the listener into the back alleys of humanity. Speaking of back alleys, Mildy's fight song Meet Me in the Alley conjures up Irish Punk meets Canadian blues rock.

Finish it all of with a smooth and happy bonus track of Summer Love, and you've got yourself a wild and modern ride through the span of new blues and rock, delivered by a tight foursome. Singer songwriter Greg Mildenberger (guitar, slide, harp, vocals), Dale Thomas (eight string lead guitar, backing vocals), Phil Nordin (six string electric bass), and two different drummers bringing their nuances to the studio recordings - Roland Schulz and Dylan Dobrescu, and some sweet and pretty backing vocals from guest Jaecy Bells, completes this tight and dynamic album.

Call Me Mildy continues to grow its stature as a live performance band, appearing in countless festival, nightclub and cabaret events.

With guest School of Rock Regina adult band

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