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#100 – 938 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1N9

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Music BC is a non-profit society serving the British Columbia music industry through providing essential information, education, funding, advocacy, showcasing, and networking opportunities. Music BC is dedicated to developing the spirit, growth and sustainability of the BC music community by supporting artists of all genres and music professionals throughout the industry.

Music BC is the voice of the BC Music industry provincially and nationally, lobbying for funding support, tax credits and creator’s rights. Through CCD(link) funding, Music BC has worked in partnership with broadcasters to create programs such as the PEAK Performance Project and the K96.3 Emerging Artist Program.

Music BC is a non-profit society that supports and promotes the spirit, development, and growth of the BC music community provincially, nationally and internationally. Music BC provides education, resources, advocacy, funding opportunities and a forum for communication.