Moving Towards Your Career

If you're considering a career in the music industry, then you're thinking about entering an exciting and ever-changing career. Perhaps you want to be a artist or musician. Maybe you see yourself behind the console of a state-of-the-art recording studio. Or maybe you feel you have what it takes to manage and promote talented performers and take them all the way to the top. Whatever your aspirations are, a successful career in music industry begins with developing your skills and using them to their highest potential.

Most industry professionals began by...


Volunteering not only has a meaningful, positive impact on your community, but you can learn and develop new skills, boost your career options, give you motivation and a sense of achievement, and it can help you determine what you want out of a career. Volunteering is also an excellent way to meet the professionals in your industry and create networks.


Internships provide work experience opportunities to university students, recent graduates and people considering career changes. Employers are willing to hire interns with little or no experience, especially if the intern is willing to accept little or no monetary compensation.


Those working in the music industry are primarily freelance employees. Each works on a contract basis. This means that when one contract is completed, freelance workers must seek out work again. Often they are able to gain employment because someone they know wants their services. Therefore, your ability and skill in networking is directly related to your success level. This is true whether you are a performer, a technician, or in administration.