Duality - A Mixtape by IamAidenCarter

Duality - A Mixtape by IamAidenCarter

by IamAidenCarter

March 27, 2024 in Artist News

Duality, a mixtape by IamAidenCarter
Releases everywhere this Friday, March 29th

Over the course of the last year, Aiden found that when making indie rock songs, they end up being sad, and more “real”. Many of these songs are simply Aiden venting about his problems in the only way he knows how, as he rarely opens up to people. Despite this, he allows himself to be vulnerable through his music. To contrast that, the rap songs on this tape contrast the rock songs, and can be whatever he wants. As IamAidenCarter said on his Instagram: "I still don’t fully understand this mixtape, but maybe you will. I hope you guys enjoy it."

"Duality" will be released as a full 10-song mixtape, as well as 5 song EPs of each half. This marks a new era of IamAidenCarter's music career, where he embraces both sides of his music, instead of sticking to a single genre. Be sure to stream "Duality", on all platforms this Friday, March 29th.