Regina’s KELEVRA Progressive New Album “Oneiric” Out March 2024

Regina’s KELEVRA Progressive New Album “Oneiric” Out March 2024

by Asher Media

February 16, 2024 in Artist News

Formed in 2009 in Regina, Canada, Kelevra continues to supply a serious dose of progressive metal to the masses. Since releasing their debut EP “Overthrown” in 2013, and follow-up EP entitled “Lividity” in 2016, the band has developed a loyal, local fan base, and continues to spread the noise outside of their prairie hometown. Their third album “Oneiric” is set for release on March 8, 2024, and it takes us through some of Kelevra’s best work to date - thoroughly aggressive yet at times epic and heartfelt with its engaging lyrics, powerful riffs, and dynamic time signatures. The band shares what listeners can look forward to:

“Every track on the album contributes to a very unique product overall that is hard to categorize within a specific metal subgenre. The album is very heavy-hitting, while still incorporating catchy melodies and epic mellow passages. We think fans will take interest in the constant change of pace and will continue to look forward to each and every riff.”

With this album, which was both deliberate and coincidental in the writing process, Kelevra will be providing listeners with an experience that leaves them on the edge of their seats. Each song is crafted to take the listener on a progressive metal journey from beginning to end. Despite each song being very unique from the rest, together the tracklist presents itself as a cohesive and complete package.

The entire Kelevra catalog, especially the songs found on “Oneiric”, feature distinct and significant contributions from every member of the band. This dynamic has introduced three unique styles of lyricism, some songs express personal battles and experiences, while others demonstrate fictional and non-fictional storytelling. “Oneiric” is not a concept album by any means, but each song was written with the other songs in mind to ensure there is a consistent sound and message from front to back. Recommended for anyone who enjoys adventurous and progressive metal, Kelevra is best suited for fans of Threat Signal, Chimaira, and Lamb of God.

“Oneiric” is due out on March 8, 2024, and is available for album pre-order at

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Track Listing:
1. Atoned (5:34)
2. Cleanse With Fire (6:02)
3. No Voice (6:13)
4. The Distance (5:36)
5. Self-Extinct (6:31)
6. The Mad Wind (4:33)
7. Despite What You Owe (4:56)
8. Lifeblood (5:49)
Album Length: 45:29

Album Credits:
- Composed & Performed by Kelevra
- Produced by Kelevra & Sean Folk
- Engineered & Mixed by Sean Folk
- Mastered by Acle Kahney
- Artwork by Shane Rice Studio


Kelevra is (Album & Live):​
Dylan Dobrescu (Drums)
Brett Forst (Guitar)
Matt Fraser (Vocals)
Adrienne Mahoney (Bass)
Mat Yarotski (Guitar)

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