Nigerian-Canadian Neo-Soul Artist PRESH Drops New Single

Nigerian-Canadian Neo-Soul Artist PRESH Drops New Single "Karadan"

by Presh

February 5, 2024 in Artist News

Presh, known for his ability to blend his African heritage and Canadian pop culture, delivers another fiery and fierce masterpiece: Karadañ.

The title, Karadañ, is from a language called Eleme, spoken in the South-South of Nigeria. It literally translates as “they will hear it.” It is used as an exclamation to express an emphasis on not so much about proving a point, but letting the reality of one’s belief unfold.

This single incorporates languages like English, Pidgin-English, Eleme, and Swahili. The lyrics stem from a wake-up call after dealing with a lot of energy vampires who mistake kindness, niceness, “always smiling”, as a free access to misuse others. Then, when you create a boundary and outline how to be treated, all hell breaks loose because they can’t handle it. They would rather you stay shrunk and be a “good boy.” Enough is Enough.

The fierceness of this song elevates the listener to reclaim themselves from every piece of them taken for granted, overlooked, and to forge ahead to command the room as they should. It reminds the listener to take up space and not shrink just to fit in and lose themselves in the process. This is a rhythm that makes you feel the most unapologetically you; a celebration of resilience, persistence, hope, joy, and what makes us uniquely us.

The music video was shot in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, and was directed by Mc Daviz. Click here to view the video.

Throughout his career, Presh has consistently pushed the boundaries of musical innovation. His ability to seamlessly traverse genres, from Amapiano to Afro-Pop, R&B Soul, pop, to Pop-Rock, has earned him a global fan following. Presh's commitment to crafting meaningful music has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Following the release of his previous singles, Champion, You Matter, and Awake, Presh has garnered some notable awards, TV and radio appearances as well as live shows on CTV News Regina, Global News Regina, Access channel 7 TV – Talk of the Town, CBC Saskatoon and Regina Radio, Unity FM Toronto, Rhythm 93.7 Nigeria, NTA News Channel Nigeria, 2021 Saskatchewan Arts Award, African Magic TV and others.

Presh was awarded the Global Artist Recognition Award by Momentus Outstanding Personality Award (MOPA) 2023 and Gbedu 2024 award for most Versatile Artist of the Year.

PRESH is looking forward to performing Karadan on live shows and getting on the road for tours.