Fake Paradise Releases Debut Single

Fake Paradise Releases Debut Single "Fire and Frost"

by Fake Paradise

February 1, 2024 in Artist News


Featuring two new tracks, "Into the Fire" and "Frost" 

In this debut single, Saskatoon heavy rock duo - Fake Paradise address the topics of fear, life, death, love, depression, and acceptance. All while blowing your speakers out with loud and deafening 70's heavy metal inspired riffs, thunderous drums, and howling vocals.

Everyone knows we only have borrowed time, and that's a hard pill swallow. We avoid thinking about it and get caught up in things that just don't matter. But it should be normalized. "Into the Fire" reflects these thoughts and not letting your fear and pain live your life for you. It's about understanding you cannot turn back so life your life with pride.

Second track, "Frost" is a representation of the western Canadian winter is it is a harsh, numbing cold. Where "days are short, and nights are long". Where a feeling of emptiness is often present, yet cannot be attributed to anything but "fields of snow and ice". With music inspired by the 70's metal/rock bands,"Frost" is a slow, sludgy, head-banging metal/hard rock song featuring face melting guitar riffs, and thunderous drums

Available for streaming on all platforms as of February 2nd 2024


Recorded, mixed and produced by SJ Kardash, at Full Color Music and Recording 

Graphic Design by Huw Evans