Sparrow, an Album by Young Crow

Sparrow, an Album by Young Crow

by Avid Records (Regina Studio/Record Label)

January 25, 2024 in Artist News

Sparrow is a posthumous album by Young Crow that was released on December 31, 2023, which contains 12 songs. The project is a reflection of the life, thoughts, and mindset of Rowan Knopf. Overall, the album is a mix of cheerful love songs, and songs with a darker tone, which entail violence on the people who he believes deserve it. The album shows the beautiful and the ugly of his life, and it adds to the experience of the listener. You can feel the passion behind his words.

Rowan and I used to spend hours in our studio working on songs together. He always had a vision, and would rework his music until it matched that vision perfectly. He was a kind soul, and my best friend. 

Rowan passed away before we could properly finish his album “Sparrow”. Despite this, the album has been finished as closely to his final vision as possible.

With his family’s permission, we are releasing this album. Long live Young Crow.