Richy Roy to Release Debut EDM Album

Richy Roy to Release Debut EDM Album

"RAVE 306" drops Feb 2nd

by DJ Richy Roy

January 17, 2024 in Artist News

Saskatchewan producer Richy Roy is set to release his debut EDM album “RAVE 306”. The album is filled with punchy and energetic Big Room House dance tracks that you would expect to hear at an electronic music festival. Richy Roy brings us twelve new songs to fill your headphones with thumping kick drums, thick, full synths, and grooves that will dig through your ear and give you a spike of adrenaline. The album kicks off with "Are You Ready," a song that you may expect to hear kicking off a major sporting event to bring the home team onto the field and get the crowd pumped up with a loud in-your-face style production. The track "Love Gets Me High" has a synth prog vibe filled with good vocals, sounds and melody. “It’s a great track for EDM festivals and raves, supported 100% by record label Batuque Music.” Richy even includes a throwback track with "You Can’t Stop Me Now," which essentially is a Dance Mix ’93 track injected with insane Tech House vibes, high powered soulful vocal sampling, and jackin’ percussions. Many of the songs on RAVE 306 include big drops frequently found in the EDM genres but Richy Roy doesn’t exactly follow all the rules you would expect as he puts his own spin on mix conventions, which is a refreshing flavour for the ears.

“As an open-format DJ of over fifteen years, I had a secret obsession with the Big Room House sounds of FireBeatz, Showtek, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas, and the rest of the mainstage EDM stars. When I finally took the step into the world of production I immediately knew the types of sounds I wanted to bring to EDM fans; big, loud, energetic anthems that are unashamedly quite commercial in nature, designed to feed a crowd of thousands of people the excitement they deserve. Was my first attempt a little too ambitious? Perhaps, but when any artist dives headfirst into a project with a heated passion, quite often you can produce a hidden gem, even if it’s lacking the experience to back it up.” – Richy Roy

Hailing from Weyburn, SK, Richy Roy is a proficient scratch DJ, an EDM producer, author, and a seasoned entertainer with twenty years of performances across Canada.

RAVE 306 is set to be released February 02, 2024 and will be available on all streaming platforms.