DJ Richy Roy releases his third single - No Moment Wasted

DJ Richy Roy releases his third single - No Moment Wasted

by DJ Richy Roy

December 19, 2023 in Artist News

Artist: Richy Roy

Title: No Moment Wasted

Label: Self-release

Release Date: Dec 19, 2023         


Canadian producer Richy Roy releases his third EDM track “No Moment Wasted”. The track brings a mixture of past and present with Alt Rock vocals and Electronica sounds reminiscent of early Linkin Park. There is a distinct melancholy feel with aggressive builds that brings the listener to a mercurial state of mind.

“I love the EDM sounds of 2023 but I’m also a product of the 90’s and 2000’s so I wanted to bring some of those sounds to the forefront. I was always intrigued by Linkin Park, how they could blend a hard rock sound with EDM synths to create this epic feel, so I wanted some heavier vocals on my track mixed with dominant synth drop and some wicked deep sub-bass to create a heavier track.” – Richy Roy

Born on the prairies of Canada, Richy Roy is a proficient scratch DJ, an EDM producer, author, and a seasoned entertainer with twenty years of performances across Canada. His debut album “RAVE 306” is filled with twelve tracks that spread across all EDM genres including house, tech, big room house, reggaeton with influences from hip-hop, rock, punk, and everything that gets the party started.

No Moment Wasted is now available on all streaming platforms.

RAVE 306 is set to be released February 02, 2024.