Dreyspurpo releases his first EP “AAM PARADOX”

Dreyspurpo releases his first EP “AAM PARADOX”

by Avid Records (Regina Studio/Record Label)

December 14, 2023 in Artist News

Dreyspurpo, a Nigerian-born neo-soul rapper and vocalist, has released his second EP “AAM PARADOX” through Avid Records. The EP consists of three tracks that explore his personal experiences, emotions, and challenges.

The first track, “Ghetto Love”, is about his frustration and disappointment with a girl who played with his feelings and lied to him. He raps about how he felt like a pest in her life, and how she was entertaining other guys behind his back. He also raps about how he tried to break out of the cycle of toxic love, but he couldn’t resist her when they met. He describes their relationship as “ghetto love”, implying that it was low-quality and unhealthy.

The second track, “4am in Rae”, is a reflection of his journey from being a hero to being called a bum by his peers. He raps about the excitement and fun he had in the past, and the challenges and struggles he faces in the present. He also expresses his confidence and ambition for the future, as he hopes to make it big in Hollywood.

The third and final track, “Ending”, is about his acceptance and resignation of his life and his flaws. He raps about how he doesn’t care what people think of him, and how he is waiting for the end of his life. He also raps about how he is imperfect, but he doesn’t let that stop him from living his life. He describes himself as a “grande messe”, which means a big mess in French.

Dreyspurpo is a rising star in the local music scene, and his EP “AAM PARADOX” is a testament to his talent and potential. His debut single continues to be enjoyed, and we can't wait to see how fans will react to this release. The EP is available on all streaming platforms, and fans can also read the full lyrics with deeper insights on Genius.