CIMA Joins Forces with ADISQ and SOPROQ

Building The First and Only Pan-Canadian Royalty Collective Management Organization (CMO) Exclusively for Independent Music Companies and Artists

by SaskMusic

October 25, 2023 in Industry News

On September 29, Soproq held its 32nd Annual General Meeting. This history-making event brought together ADISQ and CIMA for the first time as corporate members of Soproq. The two professional trade associations, representing Canadian and Quebec- owned music companies and the artists they serve, are joining forces with Soproq to build the first ever pan-Canadian rights and royalty CMO exclusively for independent music companies and artists in Canada. After 32 years, this marks a new chapter for Soproq, whose mission has always been to ensure that every possible penny earned through the use of the sound recordings in its repertoire is distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible to rightsholders. This new collective partnership will bring that vision across the country to all Canadian-owned companies and artists performing in English, French, Indigenous, and many other languages.

With some 6,500 Canadian members, Soproq is one of the most efficient CMOs in the world. As CIMA members begin to migrate their catalogues to Soproq, this new partnership is already taking root across the country. As the not-for profit CMO with the lowest administration fees, the highest level of governance transparency, and the most frequent royalty distributions in the country, Soproq is able to offer CIMA members from across the country unparalleled and personalized customer service. Indeed, with excellent operational efficiency, process optimization, and the development of new innovative projects, Canadian-owned music companies and artists will have their own home for their rights management, putting more money in their pockets while building a stronger voice for the independent sector in Canada.

In the months ahead, CIMA will introduce this new initiative to its members and the broader Canadian owned sector. Over the coming year, CIMA and ADISQ will work closely with the Soproq board to adapt the governance structure to reflect its new pan-Canadian reality.

"We are thrilled to welcome CIMA as part of this collective initiative," says Eve Paré, Executive Director of ADISQ. "When ADISQ founded Soproq 32 years ago, it established an independent solution tailored to meet the interests of its members, I am confident that this new alliance, bringing CIMA and ADISQ together with Soproq, can only strengthen the position of the independent sector in Canada regarding collective management."

"This is an exciting moment for CIMA members and the entire Canadian-owned music sector," says Andrew Cash, President and CEO of CIMA. "Joining forces with ADISQ and Soproq in this way strengthens the infrastructure that is crucial for Canadian-owned music companies and artists to build long-term, sustainable businesses and careers on the world stage."

"Working with CIMA is already bearing fruit," says Mark Lazare, President of Soproq's Board of Directors. "Not only has it made it possible to sign some of the biggest independent record labels in Canada outside of Quebec, it offers the potential for greater expansion in the coming months and will contribute to keeping administration fees as low as possible, without compromising the quality of service, which remains the essence of the organization and the guiding principles of the entire team."

A key player in the Quebec music, entertainment, and video industry since 1978, ADISQ is a not-for-profit professional association serving nearly 200 independent companies engaged in production, marketing, publishing, distribution, as well as promotion, management, and broadcasting.

For over forty years, ADISQ has been representing and supporting companies primarily involved in the production or marketing of music and shows. It ensures that the framework in which its members operate promotes their growth. The services ADISQ offers are diverse: collective promotion, representation with public authorities, negotiation, and application of collective agreements, and providing training for professionals in the field.

About CIMA
Founded in 1975 CIMA is the not-for-profit national trade association representing over 350 Canadian-owned music companies connected to over 6000 artists in every province and territory in Canada. CIMA's membership ranges from individual artists and solopreneurs to Canadian-owned global music companies. Its membership also includes music publishers, managers, agents, songwriters, as well as other industry associations, provincial MIA’s and industry adjacent service companies including in digital marketing, public relations and content creation.

CIMA’s mission is to empower and engage Canada’s music community to build and sustain equitable, inclusive, diverse, and successful global businesses and careers through advocacy, professional development, collaboration, networking, and celebration.

CIMA continues to develop key member services, export and international showcase opportunities and innovative public policy programming that help Canadian-owned music businesses and artists make it to the world stage.

About Soproq
Soproq is a not-for-profit Collective Management Organization for makers of sound recordings and music videos. The organization collects and distributes royalties from the public performance and reproduction of sound recordings and music videos in its repertoire, as well as the royalties from the private copying regime. It also negotiates with music supply services and grants general licenses for the use of titles in its repertoire.

A key figure in independent production here and elsewhere, Soproq’s repertoire includes almost 2.5 million titles belonging to some 6,500 rights owners across Quebec, other provinces in Canada, and from other countries: record labels, independent artists, distributors, associations, foreign collectives, etc.