Nige B releases Vol. 1 of new album

Nige B releases Vol. 1 of new album "U R What U R".

by Nige B

September 19, 2023 in Artist News

Nige B’s new album “U R What U R” Vol. 1 is a unique fusion of Hiphop, Jazz, Indie, and Post-Rock.
In his latest work, Nige B collaborated with artists from South Africa, Nigeria, and all across Turtle Island - from Seattle, Washington to Delaware and New York.
Nige B’s guitar/bass work in his production for Vol. 1 is well crafted, and strategically layered to create a tastefully unique sound for this cohesive blend of musical genres. 
“U R What U R“ Vol. 1 emerges with themes of introspection & love life transitions. Reflections of emotional depth combined with catchy melodic sounds is Nige B’s most enthralling album to date. Give it a listen: