New Releases from Regina Artist IamAidenCarter Streaming Everywhere

New Releases from Regina Artist IamAidenCarter Streaming Everywhere

by IamAidenCarter

November 23, 2023 in Artist News

IamAidenCarter was always an outgoing vocalist in genres such as indie rock, or r&b. His new single "WE DID" shakes that all up. Having run Avid Records for a while, Aiden was put into the culture of Hip-Hop/Rap, and now he takes his leap into the genre. 

"WE DID" is a success story, about making dreams come true. "Ever since I was a kid, mama said I'll make it big". Well now he has.

You never know what type of music Aiden will release, so stay tuned for more!

SK experimental artist IamAidenCarter's new single "Door" was released across all streaming services on September 28th, 2023. This single is different than the others IamAidenCarter has released. With this song, he enters a more meaningful storytelling phase.

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Aiden Carter is an independent artist based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Aiden makes various genres of music out of his own studio under the stage name of IamAidenCarter.

Starting out in 2022 making beats on GarageBand, he made electronic beats with acoustic instruments mixed in. He has also experimented with rap, making several unreleased rap songs, and collaborating with artists around Regina in his studio. Aiden now makes alternative rock, rap, and experimental songs. He doesn't stick to one style, and continues to expand his abilities.

Since Aiden upgraded from GarageBand to Logic Pro, he has improved significantly, and is now running a music studio/record label under the name “Avid Records”. He is also collaborating with other more artists than ever on various projects. These artists include: Oliver Spitts, YWB Gem, Calimari, J Apollo, Daussen, Doh-Ski, and Alex Tha Rippa. Beginning in 2023, he signed local artists Young Crow, Dreyspurpo, and Endeshaw to Avid Records.

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New Releases from Regina Artist IamAidenCarter Streaming Everywhere