"When It Feels So Fake" by nasmore

Recently Released Single from this Regina Producer

by nasmore

September 7, 2023 in Artist News

“When It Feels So Fake” by nasmore is a captivating musical exploration of the modern-day human experience, delving deep into the facades we often wear to conceal our true emotions and intentions. This track seamlessly blends compelling lyrics with dynamic instrumentals, skillfully capturing the tension between appearances and authenticity.

The song’s lyrical content is particularly noteworthy, offering introspective and somber themes centered around the perception of false pretenses. It invites listeners to reflect on moments when everything around them feels superficial, making it easy for anyone to connect with on a personal level.

Nasmore’s ability to seamlessly blend songwriting and production shines through in “When It Feels So Fake.” Every beat, note, and lyric feels meticulously crafted, resulting in an auditory journey that resonates with intention. It’s evident that Nasmore is not just a name on a tracklist; he is a creative force in the studio, leaving his mark on every aspect of his music.

What sets Nasmore apart is his commitment to collaboration, not just within the mainstream music realm but also in the world of visual media. His diverse skill set allows him to explore a rich tapestry of sounds, styles, and stories, making his artistry incredibly versatile.

Nasmore’s unique blend of musical artistry and meaningful lyrics make this track a must-listen, offering a chance for listeners to confront their own feelings of superficiality and find a deeper connection with the music. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the full depth of Nasmore’s creative vision.

Check out the track: https://nasmore.bandcamp.com/track/when-it-feels-so-fake