Saskatchewan Indigenous Music Association Established

Saskatchewan Indigenous Music Association Established

by Saskatchewan Indigenous Music Association

January 26, 2023 in Industry News

SaskMusic offers big congratulations to the founders and board of the new Saskatchewan Indigenous Music Association, announced today with a press event.

The following is the text shared by SIMA.


Prince Albert, SK - Saskatchewan Indigenous Music Association established to help dreams become reality for Saskatchewan Indigenous musicians

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Music Association (S.I.M.A.) is a non-profit organization that supports, promotes and advocates for Saskatchewan-based Indigenous artists, groups, and music. We are made up of individuals from across Saskatchewan, with a wealth of diverse and valuable experiences with the music industry. We are committed to raising the profile of Indigenous music in Saskatchewan and making continual improvement to the music community for Indigenous artists, groups, and music. We recognize all genres of music and strive towards supporting all Indigenous artists, groups, and music to achieve success.

In the past, "Indigenous" has always been a single category with any mainstream music awards. This gives us an opportunity to recognize and celebrate Indigenous music across all genres. We collectively feel that there is a need for such an organization in our province and communities. It could only be a positive thing moving forward for Indigenous people and this province. There is great talent in Saskatchewan amongst the Indigenous communities and we will do what we can as an organization to help Indigenous people's succeed.

Currently, the board consists of the following people: Dale McArthur, Darwin Roy, Donny Parenteau, Grant Kimbley, Paul Lomheim, Roland Corrigal, Sheryl Kimbley, and Yvonne St. Germaine.

We’ll be making an in-person announcement January 26th, 2023 at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts at 10AM in Prince Albert. Media are invited to attend or reach out for more information.

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For inquiries, contact email
Donny Parenteau: 306-960-4187