Relief Fund opens with deadline March 20/22

by SaskMusic

March 11, 2022 in SaskMusic News

Live Crew SUpport


Submission Deadline: March 20, 2022 midnight CST

Purpose: SaskMusic recognizes that artists, venues, and the music industry at large made difficult decisions to postpone or cancel concerts, events, and provision of music industry services over the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the live music sector is yet to fully resume its normal activity. This fund specifically recognizes that many live event support workers were left underemployed for a significant amount of time during the pandemic, and that these circumstances have caused financial and emotional strain on many industry personnel.

This relief fund is intended to provide a one-time allocation to approved applicants who, prior to the pandemic, were employed / self-employed as support crew for live music events.

This fund is not intended to replace an individual’s lost income, but to contribute towards alleviating the financial stress on impacted individuals. We anticipate that the demand for this fund will exceed its available resources, in which case not every applicant will be approved for support. Please do not let that discourage you from applying.

The person requesting funds must submit their own application. Eligible applicants include:

  • Sound and/or lighting technicians
  • Stage/tour/road managers
  • Riggers, roadies and other live show support workers
  • And related skilled live event personnel working off-stage whose livelihoods depended on the presentation of live shows.

And those who

  • Earned at least 25% of their total pre-pandemic income (based on the 2019 tax year) through the provision of live music services. By this we mean you earned at least 25% of your income through services that directly supported the mounting of live music concerts and festivals, whether or not you had other income through music or non-music-industry sources.
  • Were not able to access adequate financial support through a live music employer or federal government supports during the pandemic.

e.g. if 50% of your 2019 income was from live music services, and you collected CERB or CEWS, but were still short significant income since March 2020, you are eligible to apply.
e.g. If you were able to secure alternate employment outside of music during the pandemic, but were still short significant income due to loss of live music services work in particular, you are eligible to apply.

This fund is not available to:

  • Those for whom less than 25% of their 2019 pre-tax income came from live event support services.

e.g. Work as a musician, artist, music teacher, studio engineer, or a music store employee would not be considered live event support for the purposes of this fund.

Up to $1500 per individual can be requested.
Applicants who received funding through the SaskMusic 2020 Emergency Financial Relief Fund are eligible to apply to this fund.

Proof of Saskatchewan Residency will be required if you are approved for funding.

Please download and review complete guidelines here (PDF) before applying.


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