The Abominable Dr. Super Working Hard on New Music

The Abominable Dr. Super Working Hard on New Music

Corey Bryson's Alter Ego Recording for The New Future

by Corey Bryson

May 11, 2020 in Artist News

I've gone a bit mad during these times of isolation and come up with an alias, The Abominable Dr. Super. I've been trying to write and record a new song every day for the last few weeks and have been fairly successful so far and I will continue with only a few breaks in between. I can already see a few new albums cropping up. The first one an all acoustic and another album made completely electronic. The acoustic is framed around the idea of Prairie Folk(s), musical portraits of the people around me and the electronic album (Dr. Super) is highly detailed and layered, something from the inner depths of my imagination and framed around the ideas in modern science fiction and the views of a dystopian future.

Wish me luck,