Saskatoon's The Age of Autonomy Reveal Debut EP Release Date

Saskatoon's The Age of Autonomy Reveal Debut EP Release Date

Coming March 13, 2020

by The Age of Autonomy

January 2, 2020 in Artist News

2015 is when the writing & recording process began to ultimately shape what The Age of Autonomy’s debut EP _In Too Deep_ has become. The intent is less about any one piece of a song and more about how the elements all come together. Rather than throwing together a hastily produced set of individual songs, the approach is to give a cohesive experience similar to a cinematic journey. It’s a landscape of gritty analog synths & huge soaring pads ultimately peppered by dirty guitar hooks & eccentric percussion. Heavily influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, (particularly the album Year Zero) Depeche Mode, New Order, Ministry, A Perfect Circle & others.

With five songs coming in at just under 30 minutes in total, _In Too Deep_ promises to deliver as full an experience as an EP can get. The Age of Autonomy is consistently striving to build a solid reputation of taking a concept and creating the best possible representation of it.  Each melody, each sound, each lyric...  All meticulously planned with machine-like precision while allowing just enough room for spontaneity to feel human.  The electronic, cold embrace of automated industrial synths are met with natural instruments & vocals fed through tape machines to create a man vs. machine aesthetic.

After the release of the lyric video for the song, Matter:

"There is absolutely nothing that don’t like about this. The lyrics are great. The keyboard work is awesome. The whole vibe is great. I look forward to being able to buy it." - Jason Scott

"Hey!! That was pretty damn good. I know what will be stuck in head tonight." - Jess Bingham

_In Too Deep_ will be available on all streaming/downloading platforms, March 13th, 2020 with pre-orders starting February 14th, 2020.

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