Flamenco Borealis launches the first of its kind local Flamenco Festival in Saskatoon

Flamenco Borealis launches the first of its kind local Flamenco Festival in Saskatoon

May 3-7

by Flamenco Borealis

March 13, 2019 in Buzz

The festival, May 3-7, will be composed of a variety of activities that will attract the connoisseurs of the art form but also culture and art lovers in general.

“It’s really a celebration of Flamenco in the city. We believe that a festival setting is ideal to increase awareness and appreciation of the art form. It will engage all kinds of people, whether you love flamenco, or whether you don’t know anything about it. It’s really for everyone,” said Lina Kazan, co-founder and dance artistic director of Flamenco Borealis.

“We also wanted a special theme to emerge during the festival, we chose the theme of showing Flamenco under the angle of its Arabic music and culture influences. It’s a theme that we love, and we have expertise in. Both the Festival feature show and the movie screening will explore this theme,” added Daniel Regnier, co-founder and music artistic director of the company.

“We hope this is a first edition of a repeating festival, and we are very excited. It will be a great learning experience on a lot of fronts. It is going to teach us to be better artists, collaborators, organizers and communicators,” added Lina.

The program will include flash mobs, live music & dance shows, a movie screening, and several free and ticketed workshops. The company is also inviting artists from Spain, a master Flamenco dance teacher offering master dance classes during the festival, and a Flamenco singer who will join the company in performing at the Bassment on May 3. There will be also a Flamenco singing workshop offered.

“Workshops and master classes are an important activity in advancing the local emerging talent and growing the love for the art form,” added Lina.

Information about the Borealis Saskatoon Flamenco Festival and all its related activities is available on www.flamencoborealis/festival.com. You can also catch news and information regularly on “Flamenco Borealis” Facebook page.