Sunny Day Encore Announces New Singles,

Sunny Day Encore Announces New Singles, "Double A-Side" For February 14, 2019

Feeling Down before Valentines Day? It’s Okay: 2 singles that will make you feel a little less single on the big day

by Sunny Day Encore

February 2, 2019 in Artist News

Moose Jaw, SK, February 3, 2019 - Sunny Day Encore announce their return with two new singles, collectively titled "Double A-Side", to be released on the day of love (or perhaps, anti-love), February 14th, 2019.

A clear distinction from their Feb 2018 LP release, "Rememberable", the two singles exhibit two maturing songwriters, Justice Ausum and Chad Christison, and their eagerness to expand their musical capabilities as well as establish a greater emotional connection with their audience through more meaningful lyrics and carefully crafted compositions. The duo has let go of the synthesizers from the first album and have honed in on a more alternative sound that they believe captures the emotions they are trying to portray with more honesty and integrity.

Sunny Day Encore recorded the first album themselves in their dimly-lit, always messy basement. "Double A-Side" has received the same treatment albeit with a lot more experience under their belt. The singles were originally part of a much larger endeavour, a 17-track LP, titled "Serotonin", but as the demos were completed and they realized it was such a large-scale project, they knew they were going to need help and have been shopping around for studios to help make the project exactly as they intend it.

But, as a band that intends to release music as often as they can, Ausum and Christison couldn’t wait any longer to share something new with their fans. The two singles, titled 'Down' and 'It’s Okay', were chosen for their closely related lyrical themes and contrasting musical styles to be released as "Double A-Side", a term originally invented by The Beatles in December 1965 for their singles 'We Can Work It Out' and 'Day Tripper'.

'Down', the slower ballad, is a disposition of a more sentimental and melancholy direction formed by self-reflective lyrics, dynamic intricacies and their characteristically reverb-soaked, shoegaze sound.

'It’s Okay' comprises two contrasting sections, the first displaying an upbeat, riff-heavy foray on the fabrication of contentment and the second focusing on the loss of control experienced after being thrust into discontentment.

We really wanted to spend time on them and make something we could guarantee we were proud of,” said lead guitarist Chad Christison.

"Double A-Side" will be released online-only, and you’ll be able to find it on virtually every streaming platform you can think of, including: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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