Taking Tyme CD Release

Taking Tyme CD Release


December 21, 2015 in Artist News

Paul Runalls and Chris Atkinson have released their second Ty the T-REX children's music album called Taking Tyme. As a follow-up to their very successful debut album, which included 2 songs recognized as finalists in the prestigious International Song Competition, their new album features performances by many great Saskatchewan musicians and singers including Glenn Ens, Andrew Walls as Ty and Rudy, Cam Zoller as Mo, Gent Laird, Sheldon Corbett, Ned Ramsay, Sherry Sansom as Steffy, Mark Bergen, Don Griffith, Sheila Churchman Vaadeland, Corey Hildebrand, Kevin Marsh, Corissa Ford Smith and Paul's grand niece Gillian!

Ty the T-REX  music employs many different musical genres (blues, disco, rock, country, and even zydeco) that colourful dinosaur cartoon characters sing. This unique Saskatchewan animation project had four songs from their first album made into music cartoons and their plans are to launch a crowdfunding campaign to hire a young up and coming Saskatchewan animator to create a new music cartoon for one of their new songs from their new album.

Taking Tyme is a collection of 10 songs that convey clean healthy messages for young children (and their parents). The title track suggests to children one should take the time to not only see and hear the wonderful and amazing things around them, but to also take time for their friends. From the importance of having the courage to encourage others, to recycling properly, the themes of Ty the T-REX songs are clear and important. Runalls and Atkinson have been in education for over 30 years and their passion for clean healthy messages in their music is paramount.

For further information about this unique music cartoon project please visit www.tythetrex.com.