Dick MacInnis Releases Control Part I

Dick MacInnis Releases Control Part I

by Dick MacInnis

April 6, 2014 in Artist News

Dick MacInnis' latest release, Contol Part I is available now. The first EP was released March 26, 2014 and is the first installment of a three part concept album, Part I tells the story of the first stages of addiction, with Parts II and III continuing the narrative through despair and finally redemption. Control Part II is slated for release in the summer of 2014, and the final installment will be released after that.

Musically, Control Part I is a continuation of the eclectic tastes MacInnis has displayed on his previous two albums, 2009's Everything You've Heard About Love (a collection of 14 love themed classic rock songs), and 2011's Hope EP (a 5 song folk/country album focused on his wife's cancer diagnosis and treatment). It features a more modern sound, with louder guitars, exotic percussion, and interesting auditory illusions like binaural beats and tomatis tones. Each song flows effortlessly into the next (despite their varying styles), as each part of Control was written as a self contained "movement". It was this unique approach that led to the decision to release each part of the album separately throughout 2014. Lyrically, Dick is in his finest form. His characteristically incisive words are as personal as they are universal, handling the delicate topic of chemical dependence as only a fellow addict can: with compassion and honesty. His production is equally impressive, and as much as each recording he's released, this is his best to date. Professional without being over polished, it's the sort of album you can listen to a hundred times, discovering new subtleties each time.

Beauty Shared is the first single and is an uptempo dance rock song carries on in the footsteps of 2009's You Rock Me, but with much improved production and a more modern sound. With a driving four on the floor beat, super catchy bassline, African percussion and soaring rock vocals, it's four minutes and fifty three seconds of pure energy. Lyrically, Beauty Shared speaks frankly about the conflict an addict feels early in their addiction; as interests, responsibilities, and loved ones are pushed aside in the never ending search for the next fix. The video for Beauty Shared is an abstract portrait of the mind of the song's protagonist. The hard partying contrasts with the rationality of geometry, while we see fleeting glimpses of the big picture and all too brief moments of clarity.